Wednesday, April 17, 2013

awkward. & awesome.

I started doing awkward. & awesome. blog post a while back and haven't done one in a seriously long time, so I'm bringing it back. which is kinda what I said last time, but I'm really really serious this time. oh snap.

If you wanna check out some old posting you can  here, here, and HERE! okay, there weren't a ton, but I'm workin' on it. 

The actual originator of this idea is Sydney from The Day Book Blog. She's seriously funny, no joke. She does her link ups on Thursday, but me, I'm gunna blog awkward & awesome post on Wednesdays. There's something about mid week funnies that make the rest of the week better. I can't say I' going to make you laugh but I do occasionally make myself giggle.

- Getting really stuck in a super-cute-shirt-that-you-really-wanted-to-try-and-pull-off-but-you-can't while completely alone. no friend. no hubby. Just me and the mirror. Its already bad enough that I absolutely hate trying on clothes, in those tiny, tiny dressing rooms. anddd why aren't there ever enough hooks for everything you have. pshhhh

- Moving a large table at your garage sale then falling on your face and having potential buyers leave looking all awkwardly at me. I'm really not very graceful.

- my morning hair.

- Seeing new doctors. I'm not sure what it is about this that makes it awkward for me, but I get really nervous and flustered. lol

- public bathrooms in general and I really don't think you need detail on that one!

- trying to buy fab jeans, while spotting your ex behind the counter. Its funny how fast those "fab" jeans aren't so fab anymore, thrown back on the table and out the door, purely because of the awkward convo we would have had to have. and all the while the hubs is laughing at the whole situation. cool thanks.

- finding money in an old purse. swweeeeet.

- all the spring colored shirts I just bought!

- the hubs went to the grocery store all by himself. for the first time. ever. andddd he brought home Dove chocolates.

- my stuffed peppers that were so good. You can get the recipe from Little Miss Momma 

- ecards that make me giggle, for example:

Linking up with The Day Book Blog (tomorrow)


  1. Hahaha! I hate it when I get stuck in a piece of clothing!! Umm 911?? Anybody?? LOL

  2. so funny! I need my Daniel to go grocery himself! I know I'm dreaming. And I hate the new doctor thing - I think I over indulge information with them and then they give me an awkward look, jerks. Glad you're back to posting - I've been checking everyday ;)

  3. Didn't know how else to get in touch with you. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Ever you ever want to chat my email is and I will keep updating on our journey at