Monday, July 25, 2011

awkward. & awesome.

Because my FAVORITE blog suggested this, I had no choice but to DO it!  So here’s to an even HAPPIER Monday!


- Cutting off a lady in the parking lot only to have her park right NEXT to you… wait.. and the WORST part is her shaking her head while mumbling what a crappy driver I am. - thanks! duly noted! :)
- Drinking coffee at work missing my mouth and having it spill on inappropriate places. Then having people stare at the inappropriate places.

- Thinking you can “break it down” in public – enough said.
- Having predictive text which suggest really inappropriate words… which makes conversations a little AWKAWARD - or maybe more entertaining?? **Note to self to read the text first then decided!

- Deciding to “self tan” and then realizing the next day that I completely missed a huge chunk of my arm. S-W-E-E-T .
- Spelling awkward wrong until this post. - ya not so proud.


- Having a really long conversation with an old friend.
- Starbucks Passion Ice Tea Lemonade. End of story.

- Having someone compliment you on one of those not-so-pretty-because-you're-overly-emotional days.

- Driving around jamming out to music, which makes me feel 18 again… which only makes doing it awesomer.

 - Falling asleep to the sound of rain… ridiculously peaceful.
- Happy hour dates with your girly-friends.

- Finding clothes at H&M despite my lack of fashion skills! Success!

Hope everyone has an even happier Monday with a little awkward & awesome!

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  1. Cute post! I love your blog! Look forward to more posts!