Monday, August 22, 2011

awkward. & awesome.


> Pointing out the person you are secretly whispering about and
   them seeing you point.
> Wearing the same EXACT dress as a random and then
    having them come up to you and comment on it. {man where was
     the camera on this one - THANKS whit!}
> ANOTHER spillage accident: dropping MELTED CHEESE on
   your black skirt. If that wasn't enough.. the 15 people who
   gave me weird looks might be.
> Breaking it down in public {YES this is a repeat offense, but I can't seem to
     break this habit - HIGHLY UNATTRACTIVE}
> Attempting to open your car door and then realizing its not
   your car, just one that looks pretty darn similar.
> Laughing really hard at something in class, only to realize you
   are the ONLY one laughing.


> Spending all of Saturday on the couch watching movies with
   the hubster.
> Finishing an entire weeks worth of homework in 3 hours {YES!}
> Dinner & Wine with good friends and their super precious
   baby boy!
> Enjoying a piece of cheesecake without feeling guilty :)
> Doing Crossfit and LOVING every mintue of it {okay EXCEPT the
    running part}
> Ending a CRAZY busy week with some of my favorite girly

Happy Monday!!!!
{a case of the Monday's}


  1. I love this awkward and awesome thing you do! SO FUN!! =)