Wednesday, March 14, 2012

awkward. & awesome.

Not to fret, I have brought back awkward and awesome! I'm ready to add a little excitement into your WEDNESDAY!!

♥ Saying something out loud.. that was really only meant to be thought.
♥ Draw Something... the game in itself is awkward.
♥ Last nights asparagus. yuck.
♥ The "lady" doctor visits. enough said.
♥ I HATE flying, really hate it. Even more I HATE flying alone. A few months ago I had to fly to  Louisiana and i had to take a connecting flight in Houston. If you've EVER been to Houston, you know its MASSIVE. Well, clumsy me was rushing make it to the next plane, when I completely slip and fall in front of EVERYONE. I've never got up so quickly in my life. Worst part is half the people behind me had to follow me all the way to my next plane.

♥ Family time
♥ Spring... ahh dresses and flops, AND being able to drink coffee and leave the windows and doors open.
♥ Decorating my new home
♥ Community Garage Sales - yes I'm weird. :)

♥ Ashley

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  1. OMG I've totally blurted something out loud that was only meant to be thought! hahaha! oopsie! Hope you're having fun decorating your new house! That's always the best part! =)