Friday, June 6, 2014

Baby M's Birthing Story

I'm a little late in sharing this with you, but I'm going with it anyway. Well let me start by saying this is not a pretty or sweet birthing story, in fact its quite the opposite. Its actually funny when you realize this little guy made quite the entrance into this world.

The hubs and I decided long before the birth that we would attempt to deliver baby M without pain meds, so we took a 12 week Bradly Method birthing class. And in that class they taught us everything we needed to prepare ourselves for a birth without pain meds, HOWEVER they did not prepare me for what happens when complications arise, but in their defense how could they.

On Wednesday, May 7th (3 days past my due date), I finally started having contractions. And they were decent at first. I was like oh I can totally handle this. Then around midnight we headed to the hospital, and the contractions were more intense. I'm not sure if you are aware but when you go into a hospital in labor, they make you go through the ER and then after you make sure to preregister they still make you re-register while you're having contractions. In fact I was in the middle of a contraction while the lady was trying to confirm my address. I mean really... don't they think that can wait? I'm not going anywhere until the baby comes out for goodness sake. There is PLENTY of time to confirm my address. I was not willing to have that baby in the ER. :)

Well we were well into 12 hours at the hospital when they told me I either needed to get pitocin to speed up the process or I needed to go home. 12 hours down, there was NO way this pregnant women was going to go through ALL of that AGAIN much less waddle herself home. So I folded and took the Pitocin and with the Pitocin came the FIRST epidural. Pitocin intensives your contractions, so there was no way this little lady was going without it, especially after feeling the first contractions with the Pitocin.

Baby M decided he didn't really like the Pitocin and every time they tried to increase it, he would pinch his cord and then his heart rate would drop. Already a stubborn child. ;) Since they couldn't increase my Pitocin, my contractions could not get closer together, so when it was finally time for me to push, my contractions were still 5-6 mins apart. Needless to say the pushing did not push baby M forward enough. I also started having back labor and intense contractions again. They gave me a SECOND epidural because my first one had worn off.

They then discovered that baby M was stuck under my pelvis bone and he was facing the wrong way (which explains the back labor) and his head had started to swell. After 24 hours in ACTIVE labor and 2 and half hours of pushing, I was exhausted and in more pain then I could have ever imagined. They weren't sure how much longer it would be or if I could get baby M out by natural delivery since he was stuck. So we opted for a C-Section for everyone's safety and sanity.

The C-Section lasted for what felt like 5 mins, but I was unable to hold baby M right away, and I didn't realize it at the moment, but baby was not crying. He had miconium stuck in his throat and they had to get it out. It took them almost 10 full mins to get it unstuck and before he started breathing on his own. It was a scary few minutes but glad he was okay.

FINALLY, after 3 years of trying to have a baby, 24 hours in labor, 2 and half days in the hospital, and major surgery, Baby M was placed in my arms and my whole world changed.

He was perfect and beautiful in every way.

So please meet our precious miracle baby

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  1. He is so precious! You're such a trooper for going through all of that. I'm so happy for you!:)

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