Monday, April 29, 2013

Cara Boxes Reveal Part 2

Cara Box

Well folks, I'm a tad late on the post because I was out of town, but I'm happy to say I received my Cara Box and I'm LOVING every part of it!

Let me tell you about my partner, her name is Erin over at  Harris Heart-to-Hearts and she's fabulous, so go follow her! I've been able to get to know Erin really well over these last few weeks and its been so much fun!! She was such a great pin pal and I loved receiving her emails. Erin is married to her high school sweetheart Daniel, and is a mother of two G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S little girls. She also has two pups! She has a serious talent for writing and a great sense of humor. I'm not kidding when I tell you she literally nailed everything about me in my Cara Box, take a look:

1. Teal Nail Polish and Teal Earrings - both were green and I'm still obsessing over the earrings :) so girly 

2. Green Doggy Toy - For my pup

3. Recycled Avery Label Stickers - Well they are recycled that's awesome and Erin knew I loved to organize!

4. Close pins w/Stamped Sayings - Erin said she stalked my Pinterest and saw these, isn't she SO awesome!!!

5. Recycled Material Notebooks and Green Sharpie - Erin incorporated my favorite color and told me she thought maybe I could use them for blogging. I am pretty much really obsessed over these too!! and the green sharpie!!

6. Rainbow Cookies - These are from a local store in Erin's area. She also incorporated the green color theme. By the way... these cookies are SOOOO good. I couldn't resist trying them right away!!

I am so glad I participated in Cara Box over at Wifessionals, because I feel like Erin and I have become such good friends! Like I said, go follow Erin over at Harris Heart-to-Hearts!!!

Can't wait to do this again :)



  1. You are so cute taking a picture with all the goodies! Daniel was a good sport to do that :) I'm so happy you liked everything - and aren't those cookies amazing!? They are the best things ever! They are a "hide form your hubby" kind of cookie;) (They make another kind too butter cookies with a dab of hard icing on top - I'll have to send you some of those)

  2. those cookies are amazing! thank you again for all my goodies! :)

  3. everything looks amazing. and I love that you took a pic "with" your gift, so cute.

  4. Love those earrings!
    Jennifer @