Tuesday, August 16, 2011

California LOVE

This weekend the hubster and I were lucky enough to spend the entire weekend with my BEST BEST friend Julie and her family. We decided it was time for a family vaca to California. ROAD TRIP!!!

The men decided they were going to "take charge" and by "take charge" I really mean control the radio, talk about non-girl things, and attempt to manage the GPS.  They definitely weren't so successful on managing the GPS, BUT while they were busy with their man business us girls hung out in the back.
After BEGGING the men to stop, so we could take a picture next to the Cali sign, this is the picture we get:

Yup folks you guessed it, that's a picture of the sign, your not mistaken. No stopping. No picture standing with the sign. Just a picture of the sign. They couldn't even manage to open the window and take the picture. A straight through the windshield kinda shot. Thanks GUYS!!

Even though I didn't get the signature Cali shot, we did manage to get over it. :) Saturday was a fun filled day!  We did a little bit of this:
{Julie's little - K-Bug... how PRECIOUS is she?!?!}
a WHOLE lot of this:

And a WHOLE WHOLE lot of this:


After an extremely long beach day we were a pooped, maybe even some more then others :)

Needless to say we had a BLAST and did not want to leave! It definitely wouldn't have been a family trip without one of these:

Hopefully everyone else had a great weekend too!! Happy Tuesday!!

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