Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Boot Stomping Good Music

So another little fact for ya, I LOVE country music, Like I’m full on OBSESSED with it and CANNOT get enough of it. I almost wish I lived in Tennessee just so I can be surrounded by it.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of putting on my cowboy cowgirl boots and heading to the Eric Church concert with some of my favorite girly friends.

{YUP! Prom Pose}

{112 degree heat causes massive amounts of SWEAT in your boots. BOOTS are DEFINITELY not made for sweating}

and even though the wait and line were ridiculously LONG,

it was well worth it the wait...
Need I say more? Here we go:

{he caught a girl's boot... not gunna lie I'm a little jealous and a little grossed out}

If you’ve never been to a country concert you’re missing out!

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