Friday, July 22, 2011

Let's get REAL already!

So I think it's time I shared some things about myself, especially if we are going to be friends and by friends I mean BFF's. So here goes the randomness:

I am 4’11… and that’s not even a joke.
I am an only child...

And when I was 8, I wanted to be an anesthesiologist. True freakin’ story.
I really REALLY like being organized.
Sometimes, I can be ridiculously impatient.
I have a Taylor Swift OBSESSION and I pretty much only jam out to her CD in the car.

There is something about Mac & Cheese that I just CANNOT live without

I usually forget to call people back (oops)...
… in fact I’m really forgetful - PERIOD.

Shoe shopping makes me happy.
{I actually really want this pair}

I like adding "ness" to most words... thinking that it makes them cooler { doesn't.}

I laugh A LOT and I really enjoy laughing at life's little awkward moments... In fact I love those moments.

I know I'm missing a whole lot of randomness in between, and will surely think of something else I should have added tomorrow. oh well. enjoy!


  1. 1.) Love this post!
    2.) I'm 5ft and thought I was shorter than everyone...thanks for giving me hope =)
    3.) When I was 8 I'm pretty sure I couldn't even pronounce anesthesiologist
    4.)You should help me with my lack of organizational skills
    5.)Agreed: T-Swift is THE best
    6.) OH EM GEE mac n' cheese is my FAVVVV!
    7.)How come we don't hang out?? Lol!

  2. Haha thank you! I'm pretty sure the only reason I wanted to be an anesthesiologist was because I learned how to pronounce it and thought it sounded cool!

    anddddd we definitely SHOULD hang out!!