Thursday, January 9, 2014

Goals for 2014

I've decided I need to set some goals for myself this year to hopefully hold myself accountable to completing them. :) 

2014 GOALS 
 Me Goals:
  •  Organize my blog post! Its sad that I have to write this, but if I don't organize my post I forget to actually write them or I get stuck on what to write. SO my intention this year is to make a calendar each month and organize what I'm going to write about. SO BAM... oh hey January.
  • Prepare for Baby M. no brainier there. 
  • Go to the gym more then once a week. 
  • Do more devotionals like this one
  • Have Baby M ;)  
  • Continue on my quest to eat healthy
  • Enjoy all the moments with Baby M
House Goals:
  • Combine guest room and office 
  • Complete the command center & laundry room
  • Complete the nursery (post on this soon)
  • Organize bathrooms / kitchen / closets
  • Finish decorating my master bedroom
  • Paint guest bathrooms 
  • Plant Flowers in the backyard & front yard

I'm sureeeeee I'll come up with a ton more in a few days, but here's a start. What are your goals for this year?

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  1. I LOVE reading everyone's goals for the new year!! It always makes me want to go back and add more to my list!!