Monday, March 11, 2013

Rocking Friday Nights

This past weekend wasn't too exciting... it was actually kind of a bust. I really didn't do much of anything. EXCEPT pull weeds in my yard, which is actually the opposite of fun and I'm really starting to rethink this whole homeowner stuff. These things seem to grow faster then I can pull them. Its likes someone is giving them miracle grow or something. goodness weeds die already. 

I literally just discussed my whole lawn weed issue... I need some serious fun in my life, like now. ;)

On a FUN note the Hubbster and I did have a date night... to good ol Joe's Crab Shack. And don't worry, there were no bibs worn just lots of greasy goodness and drinkin' out of mason jars. That's how we rock a Friday night!

♥ Ashley

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  1. LOVE Joes Crab Shack!! I'm a little jealous :)