Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Taking a Little Back Road...

Oh man how I've missed you all and writing. Its been too long. It really is crazy how quickly life gets away from you. 

The last few weeks months we've had SO much going on that its been CRAY (my new favorite word). There is so much I need to fill you in on, but I'm thinking I'll keep it short and sweet. We have been trying to get out of town as much as we can since its such great weather up north. Its October in AZ and the weather just got down to 99 degrees.. really its okay to be jealous of that... but for us we want out of it! 

A few weekends ago we had intentions on going camping with our good friends the Langhoff's but we ended up staying at their families cabin (read about their little family HERE!). The cabin and the scenery was GORGEOUS! We decided to be adventurous and go looking for Elk. I thought I'd be all cool and try to take pictures once we saw one, but the best I could do was this:

I think this is my shirt?

The BEAUTIFUL moon and this poor picture doesn't do it justice.

I mean normally I'm a pretty good photographer... I mean I can at least work the camera  a little better then this. And out of the WHOLE weekend... this was the ONLY day I decided to take pictures... man I'm losing my blog mojo. 

Well as of last weekend the hubs and I decided to take the time and head up to his families cabin and the weather was down right COLD and we loved every minute of it. Normally, we try to get out and take drives, but this weekend we decided to just relax and enjoy the weather. 

Don't worry... much better pictures this time:
Hard to see but it was 39 DEGREES!!!!!

You'll be hearing from me soon! :)

♥ Ashley


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