Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY Built-In Shelves

Well ever since we moved into our new house it has been nonstop decorating. Don't get me wrong I am IN LOVE with my house, but we have this awkward hole in our wall that is made for a TV to fit in it, in our living room. Well fortunately are TV is TOO big and can’t fit into the hole. Which makes things a little difficult when trying to figure out how to decorate it, so the hubbster and I came up with a BRILLIANT idea to make built-in shelves. we thought it would be an expensive project so we hesitated... but THANKS to Pinterest I found a blog that did the same type of built-in shelving. So this fellow BLOGGER really helped us get started.

Once we started we realized this would be a MASSIVE project because the shelves are 4 ft LONG!!!! While Dan isn't a carpenter (shocking I know), he built this entire thing! Those of you who know Dan, know what I'm talking about. ;) Don't worry I helped... and by I help I actually mean all I did was paint the particle board and drive Dan NUTS with all my questions. :)

(Note: All of the boards and plywood were cut to fit our measurements)

(2) Particle Board
(4) 1 x 2 for under the shelves
- (2 or 3) Pieces of Molding
- (12) Long Screws
- (8) TINY white nails to hold the molding on the
- front of the shelves (we attempted glue but that was a huge FAIL, so I'd stick with nails)
- (1) Gallon of WHITE paint

Don't they look BEAUTIFUL!!! My poor Hubby, now I'm going to have a list of things for him to make. :)

♥ Ashley

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  1. This are looking great Ashley! I love the contrast of colors from your wall to white :) Can't wait to see when they are all done and decorated!