Dash ♥

Dan + Ash = DASH
(Yeah, I just went all  Brangelina on you)

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"We have this hope as anchor for the soul, firm and secure." photo 3b603dfa-8151-4163-8108-b292ea6371b5_zps46b54688.jpg 
Hebrews 6:19

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Lover of all things pink, sparkly, and glittery. 
Follower of Jesus.
Addicted to coffee and organizing.
Serious DIY'er and crafter.
Wannabe decorator.
I believe there is always a reason to buy more makeup.
LSU fanatic.
I have a love for laughing.
And a  that belongs to the Daniel.

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Love for guns, camping, and pretty much anything outdoors.
Wears 3 colors: green, tan, and brown... just kidding he wears camo too.
Follower of Jesus
Incredibly gracious.
Serious knack for building things.
Always optimistic. 
Has this blogger's . 

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He pretty much loves four things: 
the hubbster.

Hope you'll stick around and hang out. HERE is more about our love story.

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