Friday, May 27, 2011

Dan + Ash = DASH

Growing up I always dreamed I would find my soul mate in high school and we would run off and get married… and life would be just peachy as we grew old together. And when that didn't happen, I decided to blame all those 80’s movies I watched. 

I’m not sure what I was thinking because my high school boyfriend didn’t have the same dream. SHOCKING Right? He obviously didn’t watch the same movies as I did, soooo our “romantic” story was short lived. 

While life has had its challenges I do appreciate where my path has lead me. I can honestly say that I would repeat every single heart break if I knew then, what I know now. Cliche, but  it's definitely the truth.

The Dash Story… 
Dan and I have been married since 2009, but we've been together since 2007. Let me share our story, here goes the reminiscing:

July 2007

February 2009
It was a cold February night (I think, then again it is Arizona) in 2007 when we first met. I don’t recall meeting him that night (even though he SWEARS we did). We eventually met up again a few months later. When we met again in May, we had both just come out of relationships that were actually not-so-pretty break ups, so neither one of us was looking for love, just a fun filled summer.

That fun filled summer and our friendship quickly grew into a relationship filled with love.

Everything about him was amazing, exciting, and gracious. I decided to deem him worthy of my AWESOMENESS in 2008 when he proposed on an early morning picnic. 
Since we have said our I do’s life has only become more exciting, comical, and it is filled with so much love for one another. I truly am blessed.

February 2011

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