Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tote Baggin'

So this weekend really didn't consist of much of anything exciting. :) I did however create a fun little tote bag so I thought I'd share. 

- Tote Bag (on sale) $ 2
- Ribbon (coupon) $2
- Flower (on clearance) $.85
- Hot Glue Gun 

I hot glued the ribbon and flower on the tote bag. I have zero sewing skills so this was a super easy solution. :) And really just a small mess. I used the lighter to melt the ends of the ribbon so the thread wouldn't unravel before I hot glued it down. I also used the toothpick to push the ends down into the crease of the bag. Helps make it look a little prettier. I would recommend using a popsicle stick instead.   

Whole project costed me $4.85. Sweeeeeet. You of course could use any ribbon or flowers and as many flowers as you'd like.


  1. 1.) Love this tote!
    2.) For some reason you (and a couple other blogs) stopped showing up in my reader. Lame.
    3.) LOVE the new blog look!! I totes grabbed your button =)