Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Well HELLOOOO 2013

I am COMPLETELY aware that we are fully in 2013 now and everyone else has probably moved on from it, well not me. I just started to upload pictures from thanksgiving. No big deal that I am completely behind everyone else. It's probably because I'm still writing 2012.. and probably will until February... or March. 

So I've decided to share Thanksgiving and Christmas with you... because I can and most importantly because I remembered to take pictures. WINNING. 

And just so there isn't any confusion, I totally broke it down for you, enjoy!

Meyer Family
The Cousins

This is my annoyed face just in case you didn't catch that!

And then the tree went up!

MY Birthday Festivities
We decided to head up north and one of my favorite things is going shooting... and it was AMAZING. :)
I did not get a new gun... I did however get a NEW camera... Ohh Yeah!!

I have some serious skills

Christmas Get Together
So this year we decided to have some of our friends over to our house... toooo bad I only took pics of the food and not the people. oops.

Christmas Weekend
The hubs and I have created a few traditions since we've been married and this year we decided to start a new one and make Christmas trees (thanks Pinterest). Tooo bad  I bought the wrong darn cones.. so we had to trim the bottom edges... fail. Annddd the dots didn't stick... fail. Annnnddd it really only took 15 mins... third fail. BUT it was fun to spend time with the hubs drinking hot chocolate, so that's definitely a WIN. 

Christmas Eve Service

Christmas Day

Next year's Christmas card?? I think so! :)

AFTER Christmas
Well after Christmas we loaded up the car and the buddster and headed up north for some serious snow. The day after we got there, they had a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L snow fall. I know you cant actually tell the snow is falling but my intention was to capture it... still working on my photo skills. Obviously.

New Years
This year we decided to have a quiet New Years eve and just relax... 
Clearly this is when the ball was dropping in Time Square.

Buddster's excitement for the New Year
New Years Eve pooped them out. 

Hope everyone else had a FABULOUS Christmas and New Year!

♥ Ashley

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  1. Welcome, Ashley's blog, to 2013! Haha! Glad to see you had a good holiday season! And of course, LOVE the pink shooting accessories!! =) And your snow pics! And your dog-under-the-blanket pic! Too cute! Lol!