Monday, July 9, 2012

Bedroom Renovation - Part 1

I sure hope everyone had a GREAT 4th! 

We chose to take this long vacation and paint not only our bedroom, but also our bathroom... scary. Since you don't know the hubbster and I's history on painting... you wouldn't know that we almost didn't make it out alive last time.. Kidding yes.. but it was a PAIN and the actual title of this post should have been called bedroom painting survival 101, but we attempted to take another approach this time... and I am happy to say we did really well this time around. ahhh relationship maturity :)

We went from a REALLY dark brown to a really light gray. It really makes all the difference in the room!! Just wanted to share with you our new room:

Bedroom BEFORE
Bedroom AFTER... dont mind our cords ;)
BEFORE - Sample Wall
Bedroom AFTER

Bathroom BEFORE
Bathroom AFTER
Bathroom BEFORE
Bathroom AFTER

Now the decorating begins! :)

♥ Ashley


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  2. Love it! Looks good! =) ...and your house looks so pretty! Whereabouts are you guys again?!

    1. Thank you!! We are around Pecos and Higley :)

      Hope you're doing well!!