Thursday, December 29, 2011


My BEST friend Julie recently got married, and while writing my maid of honor speech it made me realize what an important part of my life she's been. She has always been a consistent side kick in whatever life has thrown at me... so folks, meet Julie:

I have had the pleasure of knowing Julie for about 9ish years. We actually met as juniors on our first day of class. You see, we both attended a trade school for nursing, which later neither one of us decided to do (I'm sure our parents didn't appreciate that as much as we did). Any who, Julie took REALLY good notes, and while I had great intentions on note taking, it didn't necessarily happen often... or at all. Luckily, I found Julie and she so graciously allowed me to copy her notes.

 We formed quite a bond. And folks, if it hadn't been for Julie I would have never made it through that year.

While boys have come and gone, we have stayed best friends.. hence the B-to-the-F-F title. Julie is one of those people that you want by your side always. Shes an UNBELIEVABLY great friend, she's generous, so incredibly STRONG, she's gracious, talented, crafty, and whole list of other amazing qualities. We share a lot in common and love a lot of the same things and one of those happens to be the LOVE for FOOTBALL:
Lions vs Cardinals Game
Michigan vs. OSU
Saints vs Colts (SUPERBOWL)
As the years have passed, our friendship has grown and our bond has only become stronger and for that I am thankful. Just as our friendship has grown, so has our families. And we have shared some of the biggest days of our lives together:
Baby Kylee
My Wedding
Her Wedding
We've also been on A LOT of ADVENTURES together (before the babies and husbands of course):
Sedona (TRUE LOVE)
Mexico Trip 1

Mexico Trip 2
Show Low
Julies has been their through it all. What she may not know is that I consider myself lucky to have her. It goes without saying that she is the sister I never had.

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