Tuesday, September 6, 2011

me from A to Z

Hope everyone had an awesome Labor Day!

A.  age:: twenty.four

B.  bed size::

C.  chore you hate::
cleaning the toilet. n-a-s-t-y.

D.  dogs::
Buddy aka the buddster

E.  essential start to your day::
coffee.coffee.and coffee.

F.  favorite color::
PINK! {as if you didn’t already know
      this one}

G.  gold or silver:: what am I wearing?

H.  height::
4’11 {go ahead insert a short joke}

I.  instruments you play:: Does banging on drums with absolutely
     no rhythm count?

J.  job title:: Wife, student - future Social Worker, want-to-be

K.  kids:: none

L.  live::
Phoenix, Arizona

M. married:: YES!

N.  nicknames:: Ash? Wow when did I get so lame?

O.  overnight hospital stays:: zero.

P.  pet peeve::

Q.  quote::
“The Will of God never takes you where the Grace
       of God will not protect you.”

R.  righty or lefty:: righty

S.  siblings::
only child.

T.  time you wake up:: somewhere around 5am

U.  university attended:: Arizona State University

V.  vegetables you dislike: PEAS! Gross.

W. what makes you run late::
my internal clock. Lol anddd
       my lack of being prepared in the mornings.

X.  x-rays you’ve had::
too many to count.

Y.  yummy food::
anything that includes PASTA.

Z.  zoo animal favorite:: giraffes.

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  1. What a fun post! LOVE the quote! What kind of dog do you have?!